The first action which is described below, really is the most important to know more about the situation of your IP

Big private companies in the oil sector go to war against the mass mailings of unsolicited CVs

On average, depending on the size of the company, they receive between 1000 and 50,000 messages with unsolicited CVs per day! For stop These phenomena and also organize a good data base of CV, they have set up subdomains to put the resume online in a form, but many people think that sending your resume to an email from the site is enoughthe candidates are lazy and think that people will take the time to enter their CVs, and the attachmentsBig Mistake, their own IP will be definitely banned in oil and gas activities

On the company server It takes up space and it blocks mailboxes for this reason they are developing tools for their own blacklisting system sending the “offender’s IP to the graveyard” by permanently blacklisting of the IP because there is no way to rehabilitate its IP. In international oil and gas E&P companies, EPCM actors, large service companies but also large Manpower supply agencies have started to use this new fatal (for you) dangerous tool.

The bad news is that they are about to make another private alliance SIMILAR TO  SPAMHAUS.ORG but more private and dedicated to oil and gas. This “project XYZ” (I know its name but I can’t talk about it). After oil and gas, this type of alliance will be developed for many activities such as engineering, chemicals, banking, insurance, biotechnology, architecture, pharmaceuticals………. In this case your IP is permanently blacklisted and blocked within all the members of this new alliance. In this case the sole solution is to change IPS for change your IP. Welcome in the new world of the internet where one spamming cession do banned your IP definitely

All those applications can be installed on the website of any company with easely

wordpress is a full integrated website system , now they offer like plugins a definitive spam killer

10. An example of really good efficiency of the IP blacklisting service

  1. We have used a software for test what is the status of the IP regarding the verification of the email Addresses list,
  2. we use the same Laptop in the both tests
  3. We have passed a list of 1750 emails that we know is safe because they have been extracted from a list of 2000 emails passed through an online verification service provider with excellent reputation.
  4. For the test, during the first running, the computer has a blank (new) IP because we use an alternate ISP.

Result: 100% of emails were safe to send, not blocked and not refusing any connection.

After passing the same list with the same Laptop with our usual ISP and we know that the IP has been blacklisted since a long time, we have the result in the table below, it is clear that being with a clear IP or a blacklisted IP is impressive. 

Result: 4,7% of emails were safe to send, not blocked and not refusing any connection. The others were blacklisted ( read reasons )

This test was carried out with the same machine. It confirms the effectiveness of blacklisting services for effective antispam protection.