IP definition

Your IP or Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique numerical identifier for every device or network that connects to the internet, he is attributed and typically assigned by an internet service provider (ISP), an IP address is an online device address used for communicating across the internet through your ISP.

Your ISP is responsible for distributing and maintaining a block of dynamic IP addresses that are continually circulated throughout their customer base. It stands to reason, therefore, that if you change of broadband providers (Internet Service Provider), you IP Address will also change. In this case with the new ISP o not practice the Spamming because the same problem will be remanent

The best solution, you will with definitive exclusion of all the blacklists because you have a new IP. There are a few ways to. Here are a few options:

  1. Contact your ISP’s customer support. You can either call the number provided in your account information or look for a support page on their website. Let them know that you would like to change your IP address and they will guide you through the process.
  2. Submit a request through your ISP’s online account management portal. You may be able to submit a request directly through your account on your ISP’s website. Look for a section labeled “IP address” or “network settings.”
  3. Reach out to your ISP through social media. If you prefer to communicate through social media, you can reach out to your ISP through their official social media accounts.
  4. It is important to note that your ISP may need to verify your identity before making any changes to your account. They may also charge a fee for changing your IP address.


In the public world of the Internet IP bans are typically temporary but for more serious offenses, your account might be definitely suspended too. Platforms will usually tell you if your IP ban is temporary or permanent, if not, you can try to get in contact with them to ask.

At the contrary if you are black listed by a private system of a big company  tried to receive 1.000000 of spam every day you are in the Private black list from this private company are permanent you never access again to the site. You have permanently lost your IP

 if you write to www.froguistanoilandgas.net using your web based email  with a no solicited CV or responding to an add without registering in the candidate registering on line by example  www.candidate .froguistanoilandgas.net you will be in the private blacklist of www.froguistanoilandgas.net. First you will never be able to go out of this banishment but with the new alliance in construction with all the companies from oil and gas world you will be blacklisted in all the companies members of the alliance called “ Project XYZ”


Your main task now : Is your IP blacklisted ?