The Reality regarding your CV and the HR department

The problem of no receiving answer from manpower supply consultant or HR department of company after answering to a job offer or an announcement on web 

You have sent hundreds of emails each week to send your CV to recruiters or respond to job offers. Alas, they never answered you. It is not your qualifications or your experiences that are not suitable, nor is it the labor market that is gloomy. The real and only reason is dramatic and, in a few words, I will explain to you.

Your e-mails never reach the HR consultant because your IP address is blacklisted.

You are considered as a spammer. Since you are classified as a spammer, to regain the possibility of being able to access recruiters the sole solution is to remove your IP from the Blacklists and regain a total and excellent reputation with the Internet community, especially if you use a web-based email like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…….

Looking for the issue:

Take the necessary steps to resolve the issue that caused your IP to be blacklisted. For example:

  1. If your IP was blacklisted for sending spam, ensure that your email system is secure and not being used for unauthorized bulk emailing. Check for any compromised accounts or spam bots.
  2. If your IP was flagged for malware activity, scan your network and systems for malware infections. Update your security software and apply any necessary patches or fixes.
  3. If the blacklist listing is due to a misconfiguration or a false positive, contact the blacklist provider to explain the situation and request removal.
  4. Request removal: Visit the website of the blacklist provider and follow their instructions for delisting or removal. This typically involves filling out a removal request form and providing relevant details, such as your IP address, the reason for the blacklisting, and steps taken to resolve the issue.
  5. Monitor and follow up: After submitting the removal request, monitor the status of your delisting request. Some blacklist providers have a review process that may take time. If your IP address remains listed after a reasonable period, consider contacting the blacklist provider’s support or abuse team for further assistance.
  6. It’s important to note that each blacklist operates independently, and the process for removal may vary. Some blacklists offer self-service removal options, while others require more extensive verification or manual intervention. Patience and persistence are key when trying to get your IP address removed from a blacklist.
  7. Additionally, taking preventive measures to maintain a good reputation for your IP address, such as implementing robust security measures and following best practices for email and network hygiene, can help minimize the chances of future blacklisting.

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